Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Back

I switched and flipped and changed and remolded and remade the Blog for the beginning of the week. Logo's kind of creepy but eh what can you do?

Anybody who only knows of my Blog because of Triond and visits the forum's would have notice ton's of people including my self feuding with Sexyhood03 (I think that's her name) and i want to be the first to say i don't have a problem with her in fact somebody who thinks of themselves so highly must have a reason to right? The problem I have is how she spams her stuff throughout the Forum. In addition to that she doesn't take criticism very well..... but basically what I'm trying to say is she's a decent writer who if they could open there mind a little bit to other people's suggestions she would be more successful. I might even add some of her works to my Blog.......maybe......if we resolve our little conflict..........maybe.

Did i say all that just to attract Triond user's? Maybe.
Sort of like how i put a picture of Rihanna on top of the article to attract who ever is currently reading my blogs attention. That's right this has nothing to do with Rihanna.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yeah in my opinion Eminem's still got it check out his new Single Beautiful. Real deep song and video really check it out it's a great song even if you hate rap.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Five Hip-hop Mysteries

Five Hip-hop Mysteries

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An articles about some unsolved or suspicious events in Hip-Hop enjoy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

How i feel at the minute and Saint Germain

I liked how Charles Hamilton just free styled what ever was on his mind on his blog so I'm going to try it to here it goes.

I can dissolve diamonds in my hands to grain
Similar to the Immortal Count Saint Germain

I've been here so long
I loved it so much i memorized the sirens song
They try to lure me in but i just sing along

You can't trap me can't control me i think outside of the box
They try to lock me away but i just break the locks

Cigarette smoke is surrounding me now
Giving me that old familiar headache but it settles me down

The say marijuana's not addictive but it's addictive to me
I swear to god I need to smoke before i go to sleep

If i could i would just lock myself in my room and never leave
And write down every thought I had until my hand started to bleed

A case of stigmata so bad my hands bled until they were blue
That Willie Nelson couldn't believe  it was true

I don't know man I'm about to say screw it
Go and buy a 94 Buick
Just because i told Mike and he said i wont do it
So i do it to prove it

That damn right side of my brain
Which show's absolutely no shame

See on the rights were i keep my arrogance and pride
And at the time everybody clocked out on the left side

Lol ok that's it. For anybody who was lost on some parts it's ok i made it up in like 5 minutes and didn't read it over lol. 

But any way Saint Germain who i mentioned above was supposedly A count with no confirmed home town or birthplace but was believed to be born in the 1600's (however there are earlier sightings) who traveled the world and never aged. He has appeared in several documented historical accounts including claims that he was present when Jesus performed his first miracle. He was at the ceremony because he supposedly was friends with the Virgin Mary's mother Anne. He continued to appear in history up until 1972 when Richard Chanfray appeared on television stating that he was in fact the Count himself.  He appeared on telivison to inform people he was still alive and to prove he was the indeed the Count by turning lead into gold.  Shortly after he committed suicide.

Weird story but thats who i was referring to in the Count Saint Germain line.

The Willie Nelson thing is because he had a song called I Couldn't believe it was true.

I think everything else is self explanatory or it just doesn't make sense to begin with

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goodbye Spike Feresten.

Upgrading to Digital with Mae Laborde

Spike Ferestens instructional video on how to install your DTV converter box. It's hilarious trust me. He's a funny guy he was actually an award winning writer for Seinfeld but now sadly his show has been cancelled. Farwell Spike. O by the way the lady in this video's name is Rose and she's actually 99 years old. She's a regular cast member as well. Thats impressive if you ask me.